1928 Bugatti Type 37A – Jay Leno’s Garage

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1928 Bugatti Type 37A. The house of Bugatti is known for producing some of the fastest, most exclusive cars of all time. Iconoclastic founder Ettore Bugatti was born to a family of sculptors and architects in Milan. Rather than follow in his famous father’s footsteps, Bugatti brought the family aesthetic to designing engines and racing vehicles.
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1928 Bugatti Type 37A – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Valon Selimaj says:

omg why cant 1.5l engines sound like that today? ?

TheKen712 says:

How much is this beautiful car worth??

funkyrimpler says:

Beautiful and charming car. I would imagine that the thrill of driving,
even at just 70mph would exceed the feeling of driving a supercar at
Thanks for the upload Jay and for sharing this treasure.?

chris herbert says:

I love how Jay Leno isn’t just some rich dude who owns a ton of cool cars
just because he can. He actually loves and understands the engineering and
historical value behind them! I’m not one to get “star struck” over famous
people at all but I would love to meet him! Keep up the awesome work
educating and entertaining us car nuts like yourself Jay! ?

Thomas Elsass67 says:

French always made the best :)?

Egao No Genki says:

This car’s a one-seater. In the cockpit camera views while it’s driven, WHO

Bart-Jan van Rees says:

How fucking rich he must be?

Dany Rodrigue says:
Philippe Vialle says:

Holy sh***t!!! Is that an 57S Atlantic I see in the back? Jay Leno owns an

jey lee says:

I hope more people adopt jays philosophy of actually driving these cars,
and sharing the experience. it’s just amazing how much more you can learn
by the noise, and the steps taken to even get it started. naturally if it’s
a one of a kind, well…it should still be driven, just maybe very very
rarely hehe. I love seeing the polished areas people would normally ignore
or pan away from, seeing the stitching, and the way people solved problems
we don’t even see as an issue today, like leather straps to hold the hood
down, wire (omg!) that actually connects the body to the chassis..wow. just
wish we had smell o vision ;)?

DjinnJuggler says:

Better than my fuel-injected 1.5l 1988 Mitsubishi.. Only makes 75hp, and
pulls a 2200lb car.?

enrique jorge romero fuentes says:


Kyle Costa says:

10:40 … when gas was 2.15 a gallon haha ?

Rolan Schneider says:

Cars of 20s – 30s is my new hobby and I’m still not quite pro in this
Judging from on design, Alfa 8C 2300 (1933) looks better. To brand Bugatti,
I respect.
And most of all I rated type 57G Tank (1937).?

Montgomery Denzer says:

I built a model of this car when I was a kid yea I knew good stuff?

Tyronne Shoelaces says:

What a car. That thing was faster than almost all the worlds airplanes at
the time, it must have really been awesome to drive it.?

kentuckywaves says:

Do you ever get flack or get pulled over for the lack of lights and plates?
Or bumpers? ?

TheGamer224 says:

man I would hate to drive that in the winter lol?

Digi20 says:

why the hell do all 4 cylinder engines today sound just like rubbish
compared to this old girl??

megajoeness says:

This is my favorite car so far. I would never get out of it. I would drive
it all day long?

Phil Sacchetti says:

Jay, this is the best video you’ve done so far. Really enjoyed the episode,
the car, your knowledge of the car and it’s history. Excellent Job Sir.
Baba booey Baba booey. ?

Alfred Munkenbeck says:

The funny thing is that while these are so rare in terms of numbers,
they’re actually surprisingly common. I’m talking about Bugattis of this
style in general not just the type 37. But for their age and their rarity,
I’m surprised I’ve ever even seen one on the road, but I’ve seen maybe 12
of them, mostly in English country roads, usually not alone. To think of
other cars of this rarity, cars like the Ferrari 250 series or the Aston
martins DB4-5-6, I’ve hardly ever seen them at all, but Bugattis seem to
get driven more often despite their age and that’s a relief. Most of these
cars are not garage queens.?

FulgenceR says:

What a Carrrr!?

Andrew Downey says:

love that car jay very cool . and the post drive hair doo to. keep these
vids coming!
you have my upmost respect and attention thanks heaps aye!!!?

Thee Adjudicator says:

You have to lose some weight….off your feet. Really Jay?..?

Nigel Wells says:

Fantastic Jay, really enjoyed the video. Well done. Keep ’em coming !?

Wayne Jeffrey says:

Thanks Jay, great informative video, love love love the beautiful exhaust

Ctyler93 says:

So this is road legal with no headlights? ?

Daniel DeMayo says:

He should get get one and put a hayabusa motor in it….that would be cool!?

Ricky Knapman says:

Pure beauty.?

Montgomery Denzer says:

Still want a 74 FERRARI Daytona?

Gulcan Buzkir says:
andrewdimartino says:

Well Sir, you do take great care of these beauties, and I thank you for it!
Somebody has got to do it, and I’m glad it’s you.?

fern Haloo says:

open wheels road legal??

Very Good says:

Not the most imaginative color combination I’ve seen on an original vintage
Bugatti racer but one heck of a lovingly maintained example.?

ohiopower says:

Chain driven? ?

Neil Jones says:

Cars like this bring the history of racing alive. Modern F1 cars have
hundreds of sensors and everything is transmitted back to the pit wall.
This car would be from a period of raw racing, where the driver was more in
the loop. Hell, the driver WAS the loop!?

Arthur SH says:

Those were sad words at the end of this this episode :(?

Max The Monster says:

Gas was $2.15/gal in California in 2012???

ianrkav says:

122 mph! What would the 0-60 time be??

V29546 says:

Jay, Love your show!?

hask2112 says:

4 stars?

beeroosterm says:

Use sunglasses, Jay. Get a bug in your eye at 60mph…?

Lord Sandwich says:

I want one! :D?

Marc Phillips says:

wish you would have showed us how you shifted. ?

evelasq1 says:

You’re definitely not a moran. I do understand about the raw emotions.
Peace, Flood!?

Thee Adjudicator says:

Places 3rd in 1928 GP

3rd Car In Bugatti club?

NoSkillzJustGillz says:

2 kewl man thx jay?

DaBossk says:

he never used the word bulletproof, lol?

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