1953 Cunningham C3 – Jay Leno’s Garage

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After 18 months of intense restoration, Jay and team unveil his 1953 Cunningham C3 that is one of only 25 of these cars that were ever produced.
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1953 Cunningham C3 – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Daehawk says:

Nice to see your own car. When the owners of other cars ride with you it seems a bit nerve wracking.

A Roadie says:

Everyone had such nice haircuts back then.

quietguy1948 says:

Thank you for sharing this incredible piece of American automotive history with us!

Dennis Dowd says:

It is a very beautiful looking car. And like you said it is built well. A excellent rebuild, but then I don't need to tell you that! Thanks Jay!

Gord Beneteau says:

Been waiting for this one!!!! can't wait to see how it turned out…here we go….

Colin Bunston says:

My volume is at full and can barely hear anything

John Mediadozena says:

Jay mentions the original 6 volt radio is still in the car. Can you still get tubes to keep those old radios going?

1musicsearcher says:

That's beautiful. It looks like you could just pitch all the kids in the storage area.

Casey Hagist says:

Lanes are merely a suggestion to Jay Leno

Leslie Reissner says:

This car has a wonderful story behind it and I have been waiting for ages to see the completed work. Last year at the Hemmings Councours in Saratoga Springs there was another fine C3. An almost forgotten piece of US motoring heritage but nice to see it here. And I particularly liked having the craftsmen explain the issues when faced with restoring a unique vehicle. The body welded to the frame? Italian unibody?

Bender Rodriguez says:

How awesome would the car be if the name was actually Cummingham ? Also…0:38…black car there, which model is it ?

Jensen Healey says:

I thought the 1956 Continetal MKII was also about $9000 when they were new. I think the 1957 Cadilac Elderado Brougham was also in the same ballpark as far as price.

Tristanne 1966 says:

I love your historic Bugatti cars can you show it . I live beside Molsheim factory

OrangeJackson says:

Cool car. Loved it in white, but the new paint works.

Mister006 says:

21:37 kinda sloppy steering.

Timboslice says:

yes Jay, Thank you, what a car!!!

Bill's LS7 Nova says:

terrific story and automobile.

Tomas J. says:

worth almost 1 million

Stephen Paraski says:

Beautiful Car.

John 47 says:

One butt ugly car and the color (s) are horrible and the Brawn electric razor head on the front….

Sarah Mollin says:

Nice job Jay and all the crew at the garage.

Jeffrey Grimley says:

do a video on your w210 E55

David Willison says:

I was so happy to see this video – my father had one of these that he restored in the 70's, and I remember him telling us about all the same problems that Jimmy Hudson did. He used to joke that the factory must have had a short man working on the right side of the car and a tall one on the left because the two sides were uneven! He kept the two-speed semi automatic, and the quad carb setup, and spent a lot of time making a reproduction of the bumpers that had been destroyed in an accident. Anyway – it was a great trip down memory lane, thanks so much for sharing!

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