1955 Volkswagen Beetle – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Matt Jacobson stops by the garage with his all original 1955 Volkswagen Beetle.
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1955 Volkswagen Beetle – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Mike Day says:

Is this the one the boys from American Pickers took out of a barn???

William Hunt says:

You should have one of the cars from American Graffiti on your channel Jay!!!

VochoTalacha says:

i was born in 1985, and I've always loved aircooled VWs, Jay. Here in Mexico they are still quite popular.

Michael Smith says:

That's neat!I love the roof rack,surfs up,Dude!!!

xr500t says:

My best friend was a mechanic for Foreign Motors on the corner there of Comm Ave. I was a Mechanic over at Benny's Fiat, just down the street.

gtb5 says:

Not even bother to paint great!

R Factor says:

If you're gonna go for the the new fad of un-restored then stop arresting nature with linseed oil or clear coat and let the body and paint continue to naturally degrade(patina). Shiny rust or oxidation looks stupid.


That thing is freaking awesome ????????????????

TRAV says:

Don't have to have allot of power to have fun, the older I get the more I enjoy a car that you can rev and and play around with under the speed limit. Lots of power is fun but especially in Australia where theres speed cameras everywhere its hard to use it without drama.

mardamek says:

"No traction control. No antilock brakes. It's like McLaren F1!" lmao

Mike Fu says:

This is what Americans would be driving if Bernie was president!

dan Farrell says:

My Father was a Navy veteran of W.W. 2, to him VW's were Krautgrinders.

will pugh says:

anyone else think the owners a tool?

LILWagonBurner says:

6 volt wire?

Greg Lee says:

Jay thank you for showing another air cooled VW! these little cars always seem to be overlooked, it was nice to see it get a little bit of screen time!

KnewWorld says:

Man…throw some paint on that thing before somebody catches tetanus.

Danny's Cooking and DIY says:

love the simplicity.

MrFcStPaulifan3 says:

36hp? Shouldn't it be whether 30hp or 34hp? Never heard of bugs with a 36hp motor.

Marc Blyth says:

It's been restored to look like it hasn't been restored ! That doesn't count jay ! The pictures when he found it look nothing like the car he has there haha

strangersound says:

Ultra cool ride, and a cool guy. I'd love to have an old bug. :)

Anthony Zarlenga says:

I once had a gas heater from a beetal  .( I live in Chicago ), You warm up the engine and leave  the heater on. come out later and the car was so hot all the snow was gone off the car.

Anthony Zarlenga says:

Original and unrestored. But if it was restored is in it worth looking for the right number engine ?

Brad Cornelius says:

Lovingly cared for. When the intention has obviously been repair and maintain vs. replace… I refuse to nit-pick over 'original and unrestored'. There's TONS that's original on this car – including the period-correct and NOS accessories like the rack, visor, and fog lights. I don't consider the finish original, but the paint certainly is — that's what makes this car frankly better than a catch phrase: it's the effort to make only decisions that keep this car's spirit intact. The linseed oil (antique motorcycle guys call it 'oily rag' maintenance) is the perfect solution for this. Amazing car.

Hardly anything on Huey-Roady. It was @ 701 N Long Beach Blvd. in Compton, but now a church. Also found a 1947 map of Compton that listed it as Huey Motors, pre-Roady. It was a Hudson dealer.

Goutham Yuvaraj says:

Id like to see an early model Golf.

BulliBill says:

Kudos to the current (and past) owner for the "refresh" of this unique (1955) year of Oval Deluxe Beetle. But he got just a few things wrong (I might be nervous and mess up too if I was with Jay and a camera crew): the gas tank actually holds 10.5 gallons (no gas gauge, but instead these Beetles have a "reserve" fuel tap switch), not 7 gallons; the knobs to the left of the radio are the headlight and the wiper (one speed) switches, not regular and parking lights; the six volt electrical system "if" lovingly maintained is quite sufficient for this vintage sedan even today; and maybe a couple of other small things. The original heater/defroster system if not rusty is pretty efficient for it's era. I love that Jay appreciates and is so knowledgeable about a lot of the details of these simplistic, efficient and lovingly homely-looking automobiles. Old Beetles "reek" of personality! Way to go Matt and Jay. 36 hp rules!

Bill Bowman (owner of a completely unrestored 1955 Deluxe Sunroof Beetle and seven other old VWs)

Thatmanstu Moto Tours says:

The car is original and unrestored. No one has restored it. No one has modified it. Parts or systems have been replaced, repaired etc. in order to keep the car operational. That is not restoration. We all know what a Restored car looks like. Partial and otherwise. This car has not been restored and the car is in original condition. Original condition does not mean showroom new. It means life and time happens and the car changes as time and miles change it…

Justin nitsuj says:

The "paint job" that took nearly 60 years and is still "in progress"…that careful latex paint removal must have taken forever.

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