1957 Chevrolet 210 – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Father/son veterans Richard and Aaron Raher tell Jay the story of their labor of love – lifting this sleek hot rod out of what was a bare frame.
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1957 Chevrolet 210 – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


satchmodan says:

Awesome episode! Those guys are the embodiment of real Americans! And that car is awesome!?

rgschmitt44 says:

Semper fi, Aaron!?

No Hope In The Pope says:

nothing better than a humble vet?

Scott Jorgensen says:

Two heroes and a great car! Thank you for the video.?

Kirk Rogers says:

This was beautifully done. I am so happy he serviced and was an excellent example of a man that served our country. Thank you. Dad was a top notch dude. Jay well done too.?

Fraser Hughes says:

Thats a beautiful car!?

David Drowns says:

Well done guys. Good job!?

Alpha Deicide says:

Jay really is a Gem.?

Mike O'Brien says:

What a great story. The car was cool too. I really appreciate when you feature stories like this and the fact that these guys are combat vets make this story very special. Thanks Jay.?

Mike O'Brien says:

What a great story! The car was cool too. I really appreciate when you showcase projects like this and the fact they combat vets made this story very special. Thanks Jay.?

Matthew Calabresse says:

Huge fan! Out here in la for the week how do I tour the shop?!?

grijalvaIc says:

Great video, good vibes.?

old man says:

Thanks you for your service and sacrifice.And a great job on the Chevy.?

nothing1099 says:

My Dad's first car was a 1957 Chevrolet 150 4 door in Highland (dark) green with no options.
He finally traded the car in for a 1970 Ford Custom, which began to rust within 2 years.?

Power Wagon says:

My son(Army Scout ) and daughter (Intel) both served in Afghanistan and I can truly say they are the best citizens.
The bond between a father and son can be the best thing ever, we do it on dirt bikes.
Thanks guys for the inspiring

MrWoodfiddler says:

Thanks to both Veterans for your service and thank you Jay for sharing their car and story with us. Pride in America!    Chuck in Kansas?

gjilop lopil says:

What went wrong with Jimmy Fallon? He used to be so funny! Now i can't stand him. I loved your show and when he replaces you I was sad but he was ok and for a while I thought it was for the better. But now all of a sudden i can't stand him. like it is a physical torture to hear or view him. We miss you Jay Leno!!!?

Assyl Yacine says:

First comment.?

Jean Deaux says:

Hats off to both you gentlemen!?

Keith Moffat says:

Very nice….thanks for your service…..awesome you and your Dad could do this together! Thanks for showing this Jay.?

mukans says:

i wish i could have a father to build things with,they must be lucky to have eachother…?

James Fisler says:

Jay, Do you have any 30's to 50's Chevy-Ford PU's in your collection ??

Painter Dood says:

This is the best "Leno's Garage" Ever!
No BS.?

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