1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Tim Miller of Surf City Garage stops by the garage to show Jay his very rare 4-speed “York Town Blue” 1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible.
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1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


The Lopez Way says:

Can anyone just show up to Jays garage or is there something you have to do in order to meet him.?

supercrackhead100 says:

you could also say the 1949 olds 88 was the first musclecar. they took the 303 ci V-8 from the 98 and put it in the smaller car (believe it was called 76, not sure). or the buick century from the late thirties thru the fifties. the took the smaller buick special and put the bigger roadmaster engine in it. called it the century because they claimed it could go 100 mph.?

Jessica M says:

Typical BS …tripower in the trunk from dealer ??? yeah right ….that was for the Super Duty Pontiac's from the early 60's for the drag racers like Mickey Thompson or Jesse Tyree
Not for the 64 GTO!!! >>>What ???…want proof??? OK …The tripower shown in the trunk is a 1966 Pontiac unit and would not fit the 1964 Pontiac 389 …the intake manifold bolt pattern changed from 64 to 65
.. 64 GTO's are nice but way over priced with the this false story of being the first muscle car. And yes I am a Pontiac enthusiast. Any 62-63 fullsize Pontiac with a 421 was faster then a 64 Goat,?

Father Time says:

Back before the federal gov't designed cars for GM/Ford/Chrysler.?

captvictor says:

Seems to forget about the Corvette 😉 (Cool fast and has a Tach :) )?

alphamongrel says:

Gran Tourismo Omalogato?

Corrupt Arcanix says:

finally a pontiac?

DoubleMrE says:

To think . . . that car used to be considered "little." ?????

Henry Carmona says:

What a shame that it had such problems. Smh?

Jerry Hamilton says:

Neat interview, but LOTS of mistakes! You COULD get air conditioning with tri power. Not many around, but it could be had. The tripower in the trunk will not fit a 64. It is for a 66 and will only fit a 65 and newer engine. Plus lots more in their comments.?

3wkidd says:


Adam Trombino says:

Mopar and a few others had been putting big engines in lighter weight B bodies for yrs, but nothing they had was actually STYLED and marketed for the specific youth performance crowd. For example, your 64 Sport Fury looked pretty much like a 6 banger Savoy; fairly plain Jane, certainly not exciting. IMO this care started that trend, not necessarily the 'muscle car' movement to be a purist. Nice car!?

Peter Harmer says:

as all way j brilliant stuff as a collector of 40 plus years my self this show is still the best?

k9 aid says:

I hope one day Jay will want my 2012 dodge journey on his show lol?

Michael Mesler says:

My first car was a Tiger Gold 65 GTO. 389 tri power, and 4 speed.?

Rod Rebman says:

That's a small car??

guilfordcigarman says:

Ronnie and the Daytona's actually had a number of charted singles and numerous other recordings. My favorite G.T.O. song is, "Gee Too Tiger" by the Tigers?

John Oliveri says:

Thank you buddy for a Pontiac, I think your the best, and the best should drive a Pontiac, your the man.?

randy Long says:

sounds like its knockn to me?

Fumble says:

How to keep an idiot busy for 5 seconds….

Read More?

krupt krupt says:

Hey Jay tell me whats wrong with my car!!!??? you know what shut up?

King Elvis says:

It wasn't that Poncho didn't have a 3 speed, it didn't have a synchronized low gear, which Ford pioneered in '64.?

Kurt Nyffeler says:

About time you did a Pontiac, Jay!  I was beginning to think you didn't like them.  I had a '65 with 4 speed and 4.11 posi.  I still have dreams about that car.  Thanks for the coverage of a real classic!?

Andy K says:

What was the colour of the top on this gem??

Dennis Straight says:

1965 chevelle Z-16 396 chevelle??

Christian Di Salvo says:

Nice Video…Check out my YouTube channel guys, I worked behind the scenes on Breaking Bad now I'm making my own films…Thanks…?

Dave Stone says:

For those who are pissed about the Biden vid….remember that the entertainment biz is owned and operated by the same criminals that own politics, so Biden and Leno are really two paid peas on the same pod. You're Welcome.?

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