1964 Triumph Bonneville – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay gives us an in-depth look at one of the most classically beautiful motorcycles of all time, his 1964 Triumph Bonneville.
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno’s Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.

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1964 Triumph Bonneville – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Gameboy1989 says:

To answer Jay's question, I'm early (!!) forties, so the bikes of my youth were Kawasaki Gpz, Yamaha RD's etc. Thinking back, I think they were really a means to an end; that 'end' being to go as fast as possible, 'getting the knee down' and the front wheel up, and all the bravado that goes with youth. Now that the self preservation gene has kicked in and I (supposedly) am more mature I appreciate the machine more for the experience and feedback that it gives. My '54 Triumph Tiger with it's noise, vibration, smells and the rest, stimulates the senses far more than my smooth, reliable, sewing machine like RD350 ever did (apart from the sense of fear of course).?

livvidd says:

Ha! it's just not me @14:47

love you Jay:)?

Alexander Palacios says:

Dear Jay, I born in 1982 I grew up with motorcycles because of my grandpa. He got an old Zündapp 250cc 2 stroke and several other bikes from honda VFR to Suzuki SV 650 and BMW GS and R1200R. Since I am 16 i drive motorcycle and startet with a 125ccm Honda NSR and now ended up with a Ducati Monster 821 and in my younger years I gone with the Big Yamaha R1 and GSXR 1000 K5 and drove for hobby on the track.. after all that experience I have to say there are so many motorcycles out there its the same with the cars… because of the development in techniques motorcycles become so easy to drive for example the Monster821 you can easily shift down from 6th to secound without any fear or you can drive in 2nd gear in a circle without having the hand on the throttle. the relationship to an old bike is the character… its not the perfection make everything easy to ride… i guess esspecially for us men its the thing that a engine will not start perfectly when it is cold..you have put the choke inside.. its like for a woman take care of a baby…you could smell the benzin if you drive after an old motorcycle they have character and they make the big differences. so i truly understand that you are in love with your bonneville because it got something what a is in a new bike harder to find…"soul". best regards Alexander Palacios from switzerland.?

hurrdurr25 says:

No it's not just you, it is a work of art ?

redhorse554det1 says:

great motorcyle jay. used to work at D&D motorcycle service,gardena. i'd drive out to pasadena to pick up a few triumphs in crates from johnson motors. we'd assembled them and deliver some to ed kretz's dealership and others. the CB450 honda copied triumphs to some degree. but the bonneville is a keeper. classic.?

1954telecaster says:

lol what a punk, takes their bike and goes to the rival network?

robert cooper says:

Love the English bikes, I had a BSA at one time.  I now have a BSA Hornet basket case.  Hope to get it running someday.?

Tony says:

No Jay . It's not because you're old . It's because you like and have respect for a wide variety of machines , that in their own way should be preserved for what they are or were .?

Ander Pendragon says:

I'd love to have this bike. I'v never ridden anything but Japanese bikes, aside from one Harley. I just bought an 84 Goldwing 1200 Interstate, and I can't believe how good it tracks, and corners. This thing weighs a lot, but you don't feel it at all, even at slow speeds. All of the weight's down low, and the upper part of the bike is very lite. A Harley of similar size would be way more top heavy.?

b.bobdi bobv says:

As an older motorcycle rider I can appreciate Jay's memories of the classic Triumphs, that being said, you can't sell short the modern classic Triumph Street Twins. Granted they are a bit heavier, but so much more refined. The new bikes have retained the beauty of the classic parallel twin while taking the performance and reliability to a higher level. Next to my T140 is a new Thruxton, both bikes can sing the same song…just with a different voice. Thanks Jay.?

pavelavietor1 says:

hello Jay,  is nostalgia . thanks for sharing you Triumphs?

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