20 Best Muscle cars of all time

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20 best Muscle Cars ever, I dont own the pics or the copyright to any music


JChenler says:

you started to get into overrated territory with 9-1?

Daniel Collins says:

I love Muscle Cars but the 68 Shelby GT500 is way better than a 69 Dodge

Ali Ahmed says:

I’m a mustang lover and I’m gonna buy a 2013 GT, but I agree with you about
the charger ?????????

philip reeve says:

Anybody putting a freaking charger over a corvette 427 needs his head
examining…maybe a little too much hillbilly!?

Tom Swinburn says:

Pretty subjective. Neither the ’69 Camaro IROC or the Boss 302 made it on
the list. Ludicrous. The quickest of ALL? The Ford Thunderbolt. I like the
list, but mine would have been a little different. ?

Mackenzie Smedley says:

Im 13 years old and im just saying that i want to be a mechanic when im
older i love muscle cars but for me any model of the chevrolet camaro
stands out just because of its amazing look whats your opinion?



Workman John says:

Glad you included the 1969 AMC AMX. both my brother and I owned them, and
they were wonderful fast cars and good looking too.?

John Carrillo says:

The dodge demon is just a dart swinger fastback. ?

RtdXyron says:

I’d say 427 Cobra should have been 1… Charger is so overdone by this
point. (Dont get me wrong its a legendary muscle and an amazing one) But
the Cobra is just the most badass thing ever…?

Earthlinked says:

NOPE – flip #1 and #2 and you got it – there was never a car that could out
muscle a 1969 Chevelle SS 396!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!! The 1970 Roadrunner
Superbird comes close – (and you will not find a rebuilt one – matching
numbers – in pristine condition for under $100,000 – not bad for an
original price of about $4500!!!!!) but the Chevelle will always be the #1
Muscle car in history!!!!!!!!!

It was a time in history that American car manufacturers actually competed
with each other. Today they do not compete – today – there is nothing more
important than profit – NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!! Today they make
it cheap and what it looks like – means NOTHING!!!!!!!!?

DaCunffuzzledBear_1 says:

I can agree with the hurst! But really!! Not putting the olds 442 w-30
package coupe is mean man!!!!?

Christian Eden says:

The first Cougar shown was actually a ’70.?

lauren ursitti says:

BOSS 351 STANG…fastest car with under 400 cubes. Also Thunderbolt, 2nd
after Cobra. Can’t have 409 Chevy without including 427 Galaxy….?

John Carrillo says:

I would agree with number one. I love the 69 charger. Only problem. I
wouldn’t buy it with the 440. The 426 Hemi or a 572 Hemi I would buy. The
order of these cars were great. But the Charger Daytona and the super bird
as well as the 67 gto should of been in the list. And the 74 gran Torino. ?

xellyxbellyx says:

There was no such thing as the 427 cobra jet. you are thinking of the 428
cobra jet and that was used in 68 shelby gt500’s. the shelby cobras only
had 289’s and 427’s?

alex corso says:

64 impala as a muscle really, I get how some people put huge engines in
that but those are amazing low riders.?

Alex Robic says:

20 Best Muscle cars of all time: https://youtu.be/NL5JueAqOew?

dio B says:

this list aint treehugger friendly.. hehehe?

Russell Comer says:

I work on several of these, and love ’em all! Each has it’s own personality
and particular feel about them. So many are over looked such as the 496
Belvedere in performance and the class of the selections of Belair’s place
but maybe I see things differently. I tend to seperate my favorite pieces
as well; transmission, suspension, tires, gear ratios etc. But how many
here know of things like, ” Keith Black Hemi.” or “Hedman Hedders” and his
history. Trucks tend to get get over looked as well, like 78-79 Dodge “Lil
Red” which illegal from production in 5 states! Fastest production vehicle
of that year in the 0-100 mph.
Engines alone have come a loonnngg way, 500hp from a lil 214 ci engine is
Anybody know of the “Sylvester II” ? Having the Stewart Warner gauges look
back at you.
I better stop, later all.?

Mike Grantham says:

Good list. Old Mopar’s and GM’s I think where better than the Fords. My
opinion. ?

MrSkypony says:

One car people often over look was the 1970 Chevy Nova SS 396 cu in 375 HP.
In 1970 it would run low 13’s in the 1/4 mile and with slicks mid 12 second
runs were everyday. I was racing then and saw it many times?

Hassen Hamood says:

Obviously your not much of a Ford fan. Putting the ’69 Boss 429 at 11, and
’68 Shelby GT500 KR at 3 is just wrong. The ’66 Shelby AC 427 Cobra is
almost holy and is blasphemy to rank this classic of classic muscle
machines anything below number 1. I agree that the ’69 Dodge R/T is classic
as well as badass….but top honors?? No, I disagree. Top 10, yes; but
certainly not number 1. Also, with honorable mention to GM, one of the most
classic badass gorgeous muscle cars of all time is the 1963 Chevy Corvette
with the split rear window, is top 5 on my list.?

H Mack says:

First of all THE 71 HEMI CUDA!! Is hands down the greatest America
MuscleCar EVER made PERIOD!! Second! The 87 GNX is a top 10 American
MuscleCar/performance car ever!!!! Top 10 is this=1. 71 Hemi Cuda, 2. 67
Shelby GT500, 3. 70 SS Chevell, 4. 70 Boss 429, 5. 73 SD TA 455, 6. 67 427
Stingray, 7. 70 Buick GN 455, 8. 70 Road Runner 440+6, 9. 87 Buick GN, &
10. 03-04 SVT Cobra?

Austin, Jr. Conrad says:

Y’all must’ve forgotten what Mark Donahue was driving in ’71/’72…?

Wil Sparks says:

wtf happened to the1969 z28 Camaro thats kind of a rare car and its just an
all american classic the copo Camaro is great and all but the z28 is a
legend and deserved to be in that list.?

steve schaap says:

wheres the 69 l88 vett, dodge daytona, dodge cornet 440, 66 nova ss, dodge
dart. All better than a freeking FORD TORINO.?

jim bob says:

You cant be serious That’s ridiculous not having a ford GT HO on this list.?

Jack Duno says:

Where’s the Nova?.. But seriously, if you hadn’t included the Chevelle, I
think I would have strangled you through my monitor?

Dave Kory says:

the later part of list is good some earlier ones, just don’t agree
should’ve been on here. The top10 were great.?

Russell Comer says:

A 1970’s Chevelle was built to run on propane at a modest 900 hp. Its
running the LSX 454 and its good for an actual 1,600 hp. I believe was
built for the Mother’s polishing and cleaners company owned by Jim
Halloway, very nice setup.?

Austin Kosters says:

The GT500 KR should win in my opinion. We can sit and argue all day but a
lot of this is opinion. ?

TheGamerchannel says:


Robert Hill says:

2 cars were not on the list in my opinion. The 69 Z/28 and the 69 340 4
gear Swinger. Anyone who drives or drove one will most likely agree that
pound for pound and dollar for dollar (as in what the average Joe could
afford back then), these 2 smallblocks could give even the high dollar
Beauties on this list a really hard time in a Street race especially in an
1/8 mile (with the exception of the 427 Sideoiler Cobra).?

Aaron Alanis says:

#1 1965 gto pontiac ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡?

lee hancock says:

And the new #1
Challenger hellcat. ?

Jeff Froment says:

Sorry but the winner should be the 66 shelby its really rare to see a real
one but just my opinion just like your top 20 where ?

Walter Gomez says:

MOPAR OR NO CAR!!!!!!!!!! Jk no hard feelings :-) ?

Christian Eden says:

The 1st and 3rd Boss 429s shown were actually ’70s.?

Zack Ludwig says:

Shelby cobra isn’t a muscle car?

goddimmus says:

Everyone forgets about the 1963 Pontiac Catalina with a jaw breaking 421

John Cotter says:

Based on performance, that’s a pretty good list, but going by looks it’s a
lot different list. I’d put the second gen Camaro near the top for looks,
and the ’69 Charger would be middle range. I think the Buick GS and Olds
Cutlass from 70-72 are high up in terms of looks and are pretty equal
considering they’re only minor variations of each other kind of like a Cuda
and a Challenger. Sure a Cuda was 2″ longer, but that only because of the
extended quarter panels.?

peterred says:

as a brit looking in i said charger glad i was right?

Shawn Weed says:

Cool video…I am 50 and grew up in the 60s and 70s and this brings back a
lot of memories for me…I like the style of cars before the computers took
over and made them all look alike…Cars may be much better now, but they
had more personlality back then?

Gengsta King says:

you forgot dodge coronet super bee :(?

marshall godsey says:

dont forget the z16 chevelle?

thetruth says:

wow what happen to superbird and GTX, GTS, RT charger,?

215jami says:

The top muscle cars list fails to include the 58 Bonneville Tri Power, the
58 Chevy Tri Power 348 the birth of the big block, the 65 SS push button
unbeatable Dodge The 66 xs GTO The 68 road geared GTX, the 62 dual quad
409 SS, the 57 fuel injected 1cu=1hp Bel Air, the Nascar Hudson Hornet, the
Pontiac 2+2 Super Duty. ..These are cars that took people to church , made
believers and the country took note. ?

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