2015 Ducati UMC-038 Hyper Scrambler – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Abhi Eswarappa, the founder of Bike-urious.com, stops by the garage to show Jay the Ducati UMC-038 Hyper Scrambler and introduce him to the designer and builder of the motorcycle Hugo Eccles.
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2015 Ducati UMC-038 Hyper Scrambler – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


ad1kurniawan says:

i like the bike jay. it's kind like combination of retro and future style, but in the other still simple, still elegant, and eye catching, also this one not loosing the identity of the authentic ducati. good job hugo?

outside the box says:

When you look into what's involved in making this bike vs what's involved in making a car of equivalent cost, you realize how much you are being soaked for in the name of style. The same of course could be said for any bike that price but the bare bones nature of this one only emphasizes it more. So much for the days of motorcycles being the "poor man's transportation" (not even going to mention insurance rates). This bike maker is just the last in a long list of people who have appeared on Jay's show in what is obviously a thinly veiled form of advertising. I'd be willing to bet that Jay is making money from both ends….. them, and YouTube.
So fine…. if they are a start-up company trying to get their name out, then I'm sure that this will work. That said, the price of the bike is going to severely limit their market. (Which I'm sure that they are aware of) But to use a seemingly clever pun for their name that slyly promotes homosexuality seems risky in a market that for the most part is highly homophobic. Start-ups of ANY kind are rarely in a position to narrow down their customer base right out the gate like that. So now….. not only have you bought an overly expensive and untested bike…. but you've bought it from a company who in five or ten years from now may no longer be around to maintain it or honor the warranty.?

Thomas Williams says:

The Quat D dutch oven exhaust sounds pretty dang good.?

4nuk8r says:

The guy that built this has the same taste in machinery that I do.
"Motorcycle as vicious starved dog" – I love it.
It is pure.
The mind says "Wonder what it does when you whack it's throttle open?"?

SauronsEye says:

The forks put me off this bike, like you've taken a bend too wide and smashed into a tree and bent the forks and you're now limping home with a hi vis shirt on (the fluro red paint) as a warning to other road users to stay clear.?

John Matthias says:

Loads of great design details. I don’t like how large the engine is compared to the frame, or understand the shortened front forks. Overall though, it’s quite stunning.?

macroevolve says:

Has the rake of a dirt bike. MX/Enduro bikes need the steeper rake because you have to turn on a dime.?

aris oreta says:

looks like a moped, wheres the side mirror??

Mário Sérgio says:

otimo trabalho,o designe ficou super arrojado?

paul hatch says:

ducati the thinking man's harley?

Sidewinder365 says:

Love the exposed mechanicalness of this bike, but the rake is too extreme for my liking.?

Jim E says:

It's definitely not boring looking. I think it would look better with a little more rake to the forks & I'm not crazy about the headlight shape or the Hunter's Orange Paint. It dosn't look red on my screen. But it's an Interesting bike nonetheless?

azza says:

u didn't show us you starting it :(?

Charles Seper says:

Yuck. It may be fast, but a Cushman scooter makes it look like a Lego toy.?

dinoreah 2 says:

so you can just take the measurements and take the integral of those to find the area under each curve giving you the volume. Way fricken easier that making a box and filling it with water….?

Mantis Garage says:

"the steering feels really quick" ya because its raked in like a old Honda ATC 3 wheeler. call me silly but i like to have a longer rake on the street so you don't have to death grip the bars to maintain your line, also it will want to stoppie more quickly under braking, wear front tires out more and the faster you go the less stable it is, and like jay said you cant take your hands off the bars. rake and trail should take priority over aesthetics on any ridden motorcycle.?

kilésengati says:

Looks pretty minimalistic. I'm a fan of cruiser and big tourer bikes, so this bike is not really my cup of tea.?

Lucas Almeida says:

Where is battery??

smoguli says:

This thing is ugly as hell.?

BeachBum68 says:

Stunning… now where do I get an extra $35,000??

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