2016 USSV Rhino GX – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Film Director, F. Gary Gray, stops by the garage with Ernie Salazar, Client Relations for US Specialty Vehicles, to show Jay the 2016 Rhino GX and Rhino XT that is featured in the new Fate of the Furious film.
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2016 USSV Rhino GX – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Hideous Jones says:

the 2 door truck resembles a Hummer HX no lie

trolling-to-wake-you-up says:

stock motor too? wtf does it do besides look?

Brad Cornelius says:

Yawn. Maybe when I was fourteen.

Keith Johnson says:

So much for the car stuff theme here

HOW CLIP . COM says:

This is one badass truck!

Dj Rolln says:

I need this truck because I live in Chicago.

808 says:

The smaller rhino is a rip off design of the hummer hx concept…

Kevin Allen says:

GREAT vehicle for rich people with horrible taste!!

ImCommodities says:

Why can't Jay stay in his lane?

Mimi A says:

Jay, show the Dodge Demon

StoneysWorkshop says:

easy $250k, I'll have mine delivered next month

E A says:

this is a great episode, cant decide if the mutual interest is fronted or genuine . but great Reguardless

James McDowell says:

With a few more modifications, this will work for the Zombie Apocalypse. I'm in.

hotneo7 says:

For less money I'll buy a decommissioned armored truck and have money left over for interior upgrades.

Edward Gingras says:

Absolutely the outrageous gas prices , extra tax levies , tree huggers contributed to the hummer downfall. People who drove them felt like baby killers the way people glared at them. So we now show case cars nobody but Chinese can afford. Last week it was the Snap On show. Tools even the average mechanic can't afford. They make their money on financing. Every pay day around comes the Snap On or Mac Tool guy . That's why your average Joe has to go to Harbor Freight or Northern Tools. He buys what he can afford and pay by cash.

bmwm3cs says:

Worst episode yet. Seemed like a crappy commercial for a shitty truck and movie.

Leighton Farms says:

Great show Jay!!!

SpaceDude _ says:

That director is a trip!

macon phillips says:

They're building this crap in the People's Republic Of California?

Johnny Boi says:

Any game head would click on this video and say "That looks like the insurgent from GTA5"

jeep2003 says:

Smells like a steak and seats 35, twelve yards long and two lanes wide, shes a squirell squashin deer smackin drivin machine Canyonero!

chris underwood says:

Yea i think i will move a tractor fell through!

BoostWillis says:

Haha GTA Online with Jay Leno

grantlandneil says:

So what can this vehicle do that a bone stock F350 not do? ……………………. anybody?

John Oliveri says:

Jay, park the tanker, jump on a plane to New York, Javitz center New York Auto Show, they have your Dodge Demon waiting for you, 800 plus Horsepower, 1 seat, sorry Mavis, bring your checkbook

Garage Gymnastics says:

H2 is hideous chunky turd. H1 is awesome

CokenOpi says:

am i the only one who liked the truck and the story? hate the movies, but the car and passion is there

ARRJAY says:

Lost me when you started talking to the F8 Director, didn't even bother to skip ahead to the test drive…..

Masaharu Morimoto says:

Did he just say "We have this a.. zombie car scene in New York" K, this is why I torrent… fucking hollywood is drunk, go home!

Frank Newberry says:

Just wait till bonehead Trump bombs the Middle East in the name of terrorism (Republicans LOVE war) and gas goes up to $6 a gallon. George W Bush wasted over a Trillion dollars wanting cheap gas – didn't work though.

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