Abandoned Cars and Trucks USA 2016. Cool Abandoned Cars in Forest America.

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Abandoned classic cars in forgotten junkyard. The abandoned vintage cars 2016. Old Semi Trucks in the Woods


Tanya tatka says:

I watch many of your videos and on abandoned cars and buildings, and more. And always shocked by how many abandoned things from it to become sad, they would be the restoration, I think they would be at a great eksponatom Municipality, not a bunch of unnecessary metal on a dump!?

????? ?????? says:

The large and powerful trucks turn into a pathetic scrap. The owners could deliver them for recycling, and prefer to just throw. It's very sad.?

?????? ????????? says:

Interestnroe video. In what turned these cars , just the cemetery , they would have repaired?

Curacao Life [Urban Explorations] says:

Nice selection!?

??????? ????? says:

So many abandoned classic cars in USA. I think people live very good so they do not care and leave their cars without do anything with it.?

?????? ???????? says:

I like all machines it is a pity that they are in such a state.?

?????? ???! says:

I am amazed how much money and effort had been spent on the whole cars and trucks, and now it is all abandoned and nobody wants.?

??? ???????? says:

it was very interesting to see, and a little bit creepy and scary?

???? ????? says:

I really want in this country, this is how you need to live richly just throwing their cars instead of selling as we have.?

???? ??????? says:

A great video, thanks to the author for a good selection, which struck me above all the power of nature compared to that created man.?

???? ??????????? says:

Great selection, great thanks to the author that so did all organically direct that already feel the atmosphere of these places.?

?????? ??????! says:

After seeing this selection can say that it strikes at how the power of nature is much greater than any human construction.?

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