Abandoned Cars in Canada 2016. Old abandoned rusty classic cars and trucks cars in junkyard

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Amazing selection cool abandoned vehicles: vintage cars and trucks. Best deserted autos in forest. Old abandoned rusty classic cars and trucks cars in forgotten junkyard


John L says:

0:24, I like that, I would totally fix that up.?

Frank Machado says:

look up the meaning of abandoned…..?

Olias of Sunhillow says:

love them! such a shame! great music! can you let us know who it is! thanks!?

Ali kemal says:

you are super abondaned?

exotic garage gaming says:

i live in canada and at 1:03 the cars are cars when they closed of a highway?

Tanya tatka says:

As always a great selection! Many machines are able to scrap, but some fairly good views are, I think they can give a 2nd life?

??????? ???????? says:

It is a lot of thrown cars in Canada. Some are already to such an extent old that only on a dump. Why interestingly they are thrown??

??????? ????? says:

Amazing machines, some of the children's cartoon "Cars". It is was great the collection.?

?????? ???????? says:

Who did give up them? Why? It is sorry auto?

Katya Shukhina says:

Rusty classics on the expanses of Canada, crazy view of vintage cars in the forest.?

????? ???????? says:

View from the car very good, there is a truth which is already beyond repair, like a selection, there are interesting photos.?

???????? ????? says:

In Canada, there is a good looking car, you can pump and ride on it, many of the old machines, is not appreciated and looks good.?

???? ????? says:

Thanks to the author of an interesting collection, I think even could not imagine that there are abandoned coolest cars in the world.?

???? ??????? says:

I am amazed how much money and effort had been spent on the this cars, and now it is abandoned not recycled into new products and not used for the benefit of mankind.?

?????? ??????????? says:

Why the authorities of Canada don't utilize these cars if they are unnecessary the owners.?

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