Amazing Experience at Jay Leno’s Garage

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Chris Walters from Jay Leno’s Garage invited me out to the detailing line product launch in Burbank. I wasn’t going to go, but boy was I glad I got on that plane, experience of a lifetime!

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Michael Herron says:


Blank Blank says:

too bad Jay does not have kids to continue his passion.

UncleManuel says:

OMG, I spend too much time on the Internet – I immediately spotted Rick Péwé at 04:00 😉
And the steam car ride was just a treat, I had a big smile on my face. What a once-in-a-lifetime day… :-)

GT3 RS Nut says:

Actually I don't know who was worse at the tour that many of us were lucky to attend, Parker or Obsessed, we heard about someone getting a ride and REALLY? I found this video and it shows a lot the questions you asked Jay during the shop tour were bad enough and then you get to ride with Jay Leno in a steam car built in 1906 and you actually ask "Duh how many times do the guys have to pick you up when you get stuck" Again, REALLY? Why didn't you just do your normal off the wall stuff and tell him he is an incompetent, clueless vehicle mechanic" This coming from a "Detailer" that uses Collonite on a GT3 and is known as Obsessed Garage, which is actually just a what, 15×20 tool shed and you don't even have a proper garage to store your cars, duhhhah I am surprised you didn't blurt that out as well as "Duh I am such and obsessed dufus I had to go to therapy and take medication but I am much better now really, no really"! Unbelievable!! Please, stay out of Cali before you spread your many afflictions to us normal, rational and sane motorheads! Out here we just buy expensive stuff because we have the cash and not like Obsessed who puts up all kinds of BS Youtube videos, "I'm gonna build a $240k garage" it's been 2+ years now and I love the "Yeah, definitely yeah, i'm gonna buy a new GT3 to match my old one and yeah, definitely I am thinking about the GT3 RS, yeah" but then in the same post say in your own words you would "build the $240k garage but want to wait until you are more financially stable", oh I see, it makes more sense to spend $220k to $300k on a car that is pretty much a duplicate, but way more expensive version of a GT3 you already have than build a proper place to house all your current cars!! You crack me up, you put a GT3 and Shelby in a plastic bubble, that's classic trailer trash there folks!! OK Rainman, again, whatever man, I love smacking you in the back of the head with this Obsessed Rainman Garage stuff!

ill3stjuan says:

Lol this is in my neighborhood. I see him every week lol

jdh51 says:

What happened at 17:29?

Andrew Bond says:

That was awesome! Must have felt surreal to meet him in person after watching him on tv for so many years. Super cool.

Bryan Da Silva says:

I want to see his insurance bill ?

Alex Moran says:

Awesome video. :) Every Sunday I wait for Jay Leno's Garage video to upload.

ThrottleAddict says:

Welcome to my hood Matt!

ET86 says:

I love all those old strange cars Jay has!!

Navdeep Singh says:

@obsessedgarage loved this video my man. Hope you are well. Your work and state of mind just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work and thank you : )

MikeEM1 says:

So jealous Matt! What a blast. Glad you're liking our So Cal weather too. Hard to beat. Cheers.

burt24pop says:

One of my favorite videos on YouTube!!! Great stuff bro

Matt Whitmire says:

man..lucky guy! I've seen Jay flying by in two steam powered cars during my years working in Sherman Oaks.

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