BEST of Muscle Cars ( CRASH and FAIL #5 ) (PURE SOUND) (4K)

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Cindy Kelly says:

Look at me I'm an American


What's soo good about cars crashing

Jane Book says:

At 4.42 bet "dad" had wished he fired that load in the nightstand drawer

dw coop says:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ????????

Green Lit Gaming says:

At 3:05 who's dumb enough to park their car in a spot where there a chance of another person running into it.

ecky1965 says:

"sorry dad" Is Dad fucking blind ?????

Mark Solarz says:

Best of dumb ass drivers!

Gemma Louise says:

i love cars

Heinrich Himmler says:

Muscle cars?? Haha that's funny. Most of the video was filled with modern trash.

Justin Bayly says:

theres always someone who "told you"

Cgh Gf says:

Got to admit last one seemed like the calmest crash ever and for there to be no sense of anger between driver and co driver amazing

Demented One says:

they have the money to buy these awesome machines but they lack the ability to operate them.

waroonafreerider says:

0:57 Grove Street?

joshua bush says:

look at these thugs

ew1usnr says:

When you push a car it can get away from you in half a heart beat.

CrazyBear65 says:

Some of those weren't musclecars. They stopped making musclecars in the 70s. Some of these were too new.

Peter Burnett says:

ugly ass red corvette was a great crash. hate those things.

Eduardo Hernandez says:

See it's not mustangs killing the crowd

Christiane Roubert says:

Oooooh!casser le joujou????

Roo H says:


Kuson2 says:

Sorry dad…

Brendan Walsh says:

its the other way around

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