Best Of Old vs New Muscle Car

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Here you can see the best Dodge Chargers and Chevy Camaro and Ford mustang Shelby and Buick and Challenger 1967-1972

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Tom ShelbyVRace says:

Cover image in vidéo custom car Bo Zoland design

Jose G says:

Really monster 4:44

Ralph Mccarley says:

Old classic car's, mine

Ralph Mccarley says:

What's Up

chippyjohn1 says:

beautiful cars, but whats with morons and burnouts? I never understood the need for them!

Matthew Gaming says:

says New Muscle cars : Min 1:58 shows pony car

sevan grigoryan says:

2:05 is he trying to get killed?

Hamed Alabasi says:

OLD ??

Bose de-Nage says:

Great cars with idiots behind the wheel who think burning tyres is clever- I can burn tyres with a lighter!

Keyvinnick 117 says:

Old is best sound

Handsome Jack says:

why old ones sound meaner?

MidNightFreakOZ says:

Well sombodys a lil bent cuz thats ice on the parkinlot at 8:49 and hes in a vette!!! >:D

Kiko Remacha says:

old wins!!!!

Jiffy Pangestu says:

actually in that video isnt ricer right? hahaha?? muscle car is one of best power engine..

SpecOpsDoctor says:

Don't you guys miss the old days when things were made to last 200 years?
Nowadays you are lucky if your car lasts you 3 years without major incidents.

1986kikoolol says:

Really nice car, but it seems that the people who drives them just know how to kill tyre. That's sad.

Kyle Bittle says:

I love the classics. I have a 1972 Chevelle SS so I am pretty old school but I'll hand it to the new ones for still screaming those American V8s!

Brian Jestis says:

we need an old muscle car, new engine

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