Classic Car Lot Video Classics Cars For Sale Project Muscle Part #3

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Classic Car Lot Video Classics Cars For Sale Project Muscle Part #3 Clean Project Cars Trucks Cadillac Chevy Dodge Pontiac Oldsmobile. Lots of cool cars here and most all of them are for sale. Call me if you see one you just have to have. Make sure and check out the other 2 videos of this lot.
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Cereal Marshmallows says:

#classiccar #Projectcars #musclecars Old car Walkaround Part #3 Make sure
and Catch the Previous ones if you missed out and Subscribe for Daily
Content! ADD me on Facebook

june201955 says:

It looks like you had a TransAm fetish at one time.?

wobbly sauce says:

Nice selection of cars, and great angle on the W-30 from the ground.?

Dino de Soto says:

Does that El Dorado run? ?

Mark Graham says:

Whens Freds W140 getting painted and customised!??

stay fresh says:

Do you now where you can find louvers for the back window that fit a volvo
240? . I’ve seen a few people do it but I can’t find them anywhere. I want
my 240 whenever I buy one to have a muscle / classic sedan look . Lowered
more in the front than in the back just a bit and widened steelie rims with
a classy wooden roof rack , dream car;) nice video , those cars look
aggressive even rusty like that ;)?

ope325mat says:

Thanks for the video, interesting and cool cars also see a different USA
than u used to see in movies and stuff. Nice scenery!! Im surprised that
the cars are not rusted, its just a little surfacerust i now that if u have
a car in Sweden and put it out like that it would been really rusted. It
must be god climate there!!?

chris hot wheels miami says:

Cool lot?

SteelCity1981 says:

some people say i’m lucky cause I live in florida but you sir are the truly
lucky one to be in montana such an awesome place. big sky country!?

Charles Brodeur says:

Man, was waiting that episode like a child is waiting for the next
spiderman movie!


462ANIMAL says:

Batteries keep goin up in price.. and them walmart batteries seem to be a
bit weak, I put two in my super duty.. and they dont last.. I like the
scenery there.?

Nigga Drive TV says:

What called your 442 baby car? You sold Trans Am GTA??

Maria Mills says:

Dr vmjjmkljncv

stay fresh says:

Does that white merc run . The 250? Beautiful car , even in that condition

Maria Mills says:

Affect icon,ikbfojiomlk?

George Hewitson says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:?

Maria Mills says:


Demetrius Freeman says:

Classic Car Lot Video Classics Cars For Sale Project Muscle Part #3:

Mike Knauff says:

Killer Video Sir?

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