Classic muscle cars – Cool Video

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Close – Awesome slide show of some hot classic muscle cars for sale at our classic car classifieds. Check it out now.


eXotic997 says:

Rihanna = 1 !!! sry but i hate this shit music

jsb1998 says:

is day tripper your fav song are you a boy or girl

weirdfishman0 says:

dude are these yours

mizbizzz10 says:

are you stupid..?

DayTripper0810 says:

yes they do rock. lol

DayTripper0810 says:

if you like those i should put pics of my dads 69 pontiac GTO and dodge dart

irishmilf says:


s0krfreAk09 says:

@rarestpk a coronet maybe?

jsb1998 says:

u like the beatles beatles rock

jsb1998 says:

i might have to were do you live not adress (just state or county)

Geoffrey Fortin says:


jsb1998 says:

right on

DayTripper0810 says:

srry cant tell you that

DayTripper0810 says:

im a girl and its only one of them. i was using my brothers login name at
the time when i said “thanx?”and by the way you should go to his channel
and watch some of his drum solos. they’re pretty awesome. haha.

Quin Kelley says:

ss ftw

jake02720 says:

US.but im not telling you anything else. =/

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