Ford ThunderBird V8 5.0 T-Bird 1 Owner Youngtimer 1986 Elan Cool Classic Car Video 4 Sale

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Ford ThunderBird V8 5.0 T-Bird 1 Owner Youngtimer 1986 Elan Cool Classic Car Video 4 Sale I REALLY Like these Its a Mans Mustang… or a Ladies Business Coupe and I have a Few more I will Be listing in the Coming Weeks one is a 90 40th anniv MANUAL Supercharged one.. however it will be Hard to match what i have here this is one Amazing car its beautiful and has been lovingly cared for SERIOUSLY by a man and his wife an older couple and she was a VERY nice Lady talked to me for 4-5 Mins and they REALLY Loved there car! I seriously need to come up with an award even if it is just a piece of paper with a Gold Star on it that I can send these people after i get these AMAZING cars. Make sure and check Out My channel I have Lots of 1 & 2 Owner Cars Trucks and SUV’s on there and i sell them Cheap Also If You Subscribe You wont Miss out..;-) i Have a few Channels You can Access them Via My Main Channel page or also you can See the Links i post Below i will Also Post links to My websites and facebook so you dont Miss any of the action Sign Up Everywhere!!..;-)


Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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Aaric Geerdts says:

Have a 94′ and raced a rich kid with a 13′ mustang v6 and killed it.?

thyringmaster says:

my dad bought my mom a silver one that was a great car i loved it and it
had some balls to think hers was a 87 or a 88?

hialeahsprings says:

The crank windows ruined it for me, and yes they can break.?

11094DEREK says:

Nice color same as my cousins Mustang?

MrGPWjeep says:

I wish I would have seen this before this car was sold

Cereal Marshmallows says:

I got a few turbo ones coming up..;-)

gene978 says:

Haha this was my forth new car. I started at age 18 with a new COUGAR XR-7
then a 1981 Pontiac Bonniville, 1983 Dodge Charger, then the 1984 T-bird
that was almost $14K I was a working fool full time from age 14 and started
saving. Had the money for my first car at age 15 and I had the car! I had
to look at it Almost a year before I could drive it LEGALLY. I remember the
guy at the Lincoln Garage asking me what I did that I could afford a new
car at age 18.

TheFrozenTurtle says:

Found one on craigslist with a v-6 and 67,000 miles, for $2500, should I

Moparman90 says:

You could afford a new car at age 22 in the 80’s , damn that’s impressive,
let alone a Thunderbird which was a top of the line vehicle for ford back

969thewhip says:

These are gettin harder and harder to find. I’ve always loved these fox
body birds. Especially the turbo coupes.

Cereal Marshmallows says:

No doubt huh..;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:

I know right i have thought about a couple of neat additions i would add if
i could keep it..;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL Ah HA that makes sense..;p-)

desertfox2020 says:

Haha what a boss running your paper down… I woulda drove even that
distance. This is like the classy luxury version of a Mustang, too.

MrGPWjeep says:

Im looking for a CLEAN 1986 Ford foxbody car with a factory 5.0
Thunderbird, Mustang, LTD base Fairmont, Zepher, Mercury Capri

harryrez says:

You manage to find the nicest of the american cars

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Shit I was lucky i even had them..;-) Forgot the were there..;-)

muchosa1 says:

When I saw the thumbnail I originally thought it looked like a Lincoln MK
VII. Same platform.

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Ive seen those and yeah that is a Cool setup..;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:

No doubt huh..;-)

Neil Brown says:

Dam nice car ready for a few custom touches man nice ride

Cereal Marshmallows says:

I am pretty sure they are.;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL… Yeah that would look good huh..;-)

Cereal Marshmallows says:


Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL I dunno man depends and no one can answer that Good luck though if you
dont know a lot look on Craigs list and get a mechanic to check i out..;-)

Moparman90 says:

Nice find Nathan. They sought of have the same rear/trunk as the 81
bustleback seville’s

Tomoyuki Watanabe says:

Yeah?Sure???and so?thank you Coments???

mark says:

your channel is my favorite actually i really enjoy your videos hope to
meet you one day my friend

nobel fabuless good says:

w0ow nice find! i realy like this one,.

wbackous says:

Not sure this is really an Elan. I had an 1986 Thunderbird Elan with the
5.0 V8. It should have a fully electronic dash (digital tach, trip
computer, numeric display for fuel level, etc) and badging on the left rear
of the hood. Mine had power driver and passenger seat, power door locks,
power windows and power antenna as well as climate control. Good cars and
pretty much bullet proof (mine was my first car and withstood everything I
did to it) but can be pretty tail happy (good and bad).

Cereal Marshmallows says:

Thank You!

redneckbryon says:

Funny you think it would be a floor shift not a column shift.

Cereal Marshmallows says:

LOL No doubt Yeah No more T bird I even had one of the newer retro ones
once it was fun but i really like these ones here. Ahhhh The 80’s ..;-)

louie says:


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