GTA 5 Online – Top 5 BEST Sports Classic Cars (GTA 5 Best Cars to Buy)

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GTA 5 Online – Top 5 BEST Sports Classic Cars (GTA 5 Best Cars to Buy)
Today we look at the best cars to buy in the Sports Classic class as of 2017. I judged these cars based on how good they looked for an oldtimer car, how many customizations were available and which were the fastest cars for racing in their class.

Do you like classic cars? In this video we look at the best cars which are sports classics in GTA 5. Personally, I love classic cars and like to keep them pretty simplistic. I chose these cars with a few friends in the Discord by looking at their looks, customizations and racing performance around a track. Some of these sports classic cars will cost you quite a bit, with the most expensive being at 995k, just under 1 million. Of course, the cars which were included in this top 5 are just my opinion. So if you thought there was a car I didn’t add in this video, which is also good, feel free to leave it in the comments!

The performance of these cars are based from the track performance which are tested by Broughy1322. Go check him out for the best GTA 5 racing tips and videos!

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the coquette classic has not been in the game since the beginning!!! it was added in the flight school update!!!!

Atryaz_25609 says:

1:26 How I like my Women ( ?° ?? ?°)

AndaBoss says:

0:53 its like the 2nd fastest sports classic (top speed wise) with only the z type being faster. Watch broughy for more info

bjhe333 says:

it is an f'n cobra……

bjhe333 says:

63' split window?

math640x says:

I Would have dicthed The worst and The second Best and put Albany rosevelt valor and The z-type

u suck noob says:

I don't see anyone driving in classics.

Bird God says:

love cinematic, keep up the good work

Lord Venrex says:

What about the black fin??

Joe Biden says:

lololol i own all these cars XD have around 80 cars :/

Bailey Odell says:

This video deserves way more attention than Dat Saintsfan's video he posted on this

Prince21Brandon says:

Best looking classic car is the Stinger GT


Can you do one for 200k

MooshyPlays says:

what about the comet retro custom

Matt Goalie says:

top five trucks? one for performance and one for looks?

Pig Floyd says:

The Coquette Classic has not been in the game from the beginning

alfieb007 says:

can you do the best top 5 bank robbery car

Frank Gaming says:

8 dislikes ?
fuck all of them

ToxicAdidas says:

Guys who Else think kazzaTwo shall never stop with YouTube?

Mika Vanderbrug says:

Grotti stinger GT deserves a shout

philippe barbosa fiorin says:

Stinger GT is better looking (in my opinion) than Monroe and better in terms of performance

De enz says:

I really like your style of aesthetics on all the reviews.

Jesse Pinkman says:

my Top 5:
Inventero coquette Blackfin
Inventero Coquette classic
Benefactor Stirling
Pegassi Monroe
Grotti Stinger GT

LordMarre says:

I really miss the Z-Type and Stinger GT in this list.
My personal top 5 would be:
5. Tornado Custom
4. Fränken Stange
3. Z-Type
2. Stinger GT
1. Stirling GT

Regan Smart says:

Yet again out done your self ?

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