ICON Derelict: 1948 Buick Super Convertible – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jonathan Ward stops by with his latest Derelict project. It may look old-timey, but with 700 hp, it drives like a Corvette ZR1!
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ICON Derelict: 1948 Buick Super Convertible – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


Jay Leno's Garage says:

This week on #JLG we bring in a Derelict Project with over 700hp and
drives likes a Corvette ZR1. Don’t judge this book by its cover.?

David Martin says:

I could watch a whole show just on that chassis, that thing looked awesome.?

Francoberry says:

I feel like i recall seeing this on L.A Noire, and then i remembered that
Jay actually allowed Team Bondi to use many of his own cars to be put into
the game 😀

Cool video, and cool car!?

Russell Robinson says:

Fantastic episode for an awesome car?

Metra says:

Audio sync… :( ?

samspace81 says:

Best car channel on YouTube! Great car Jay. My kind of “Buick Eight!” …
just Super!?

Jim H. says:

Just to be different, I’m gonna put a ’48 Buick drivetrain into a 2015 Z06

Nickel Reed says:

I like this guy’s attitude. He’s got a very witty way about him unlike most
of the little nervous guys who come through Jay’s shop are. I could see
them getting a beer together. And badass car!?

RamblinAround says:

I love what these guys do…very cool. This is definitely one of my

GasserGlass says:

and THIS my dear friends is the True Spirit of Hot Rodding! ……
Reso-Mod is a term used by Newbies!?

doedecaheedron says:

little old lady ? All you need is a wig and some pearls Jay.?

fudganuld says:

WOW….I’d love that here in the UK…..ha ha …..people would be

Angus Trout says:

I like the concept of a classic car with a modern power train but I don’t
like the derelict look. I think a restored body would look way cooler.?

DwightMS1 says:

Just what I always wanted, a $50,000 jalopy.?

Riley Allen says:

I’ve been watching Jonathan’s projects for a while now and he has given me
alot of good feedback, thus I’m seriously thinking about doing a Reformer
of a car or even a new line starting with muscle cars with my 1974 AMC
Javelin AMX. ?

Tomas Pagni says:

Whats the law about seatbelts in old cars???

luvsilly60 says:

I can’t stand it when they do this.?

Alvin Brinson says:

Has this car been on before? I feel like it’s a rerun – I’ve seen this car
somewhere. ?

ZIGgassedUP says:

Love it.?

Redneck Garage says:

Loved it Thanks Jay !!!! Makes me want to get out and do more work in my
own garage :) ?

Gordon Freeman says:

Awesome custom car.?

Allen Barclay Allen says:

Earth shattering Inertia protects you in an accident with that !! I’d let
my Daughter borrow it for a date !!! Put some Role bars up there though !!?

Military Chevy says:

History lesson of the year “If your so fat you have to have a tilt column
you need to go on a diet” HAHA!!!! LMFHO!!!!!!!!! ?

Daniel Cheatham says:

Real Cool Jay
How much are your cars going to be worth when hyperinflation hits and even
you will go broke just putting gas in those junkheaps?

Harakudoshi904 says:

It’s boring when all hot rods use a small block Chevrolet and an automatic.

IronClad292 says:

I would pay a lot of money for that car. It’s excellent :) Thanks for
sharing Jay !!!!?

Torrey Ellison says:

No seat belts, Awesome car though, sounds like the car from that movie

Krzysztof Blach says:

What an amazing car. Would love a f100 like that.
So Mr. Leno did you get in trouble with the owner for doing that burnout? ?

Ray Lawley says:

That would’ve been known as a “Sleeper” back in the day. An example from
1968 is the Delta 88 Olds with a 455 Rocket, 300 Horsepower from the
factory. Wish I had kept the one we owned and did this to it. LMAO. Toooo
much fun!?

Anthony Neilly says:

Red untreated leather turns pink. Very ugly. Better off with brown This guy
has been shopping this same car around forever. Total sold: 1.?

No1HillBilly says:

Jay really enjoyed himself with this one.?

Wu tang greatful says:

What happens to GM
What happened ?


Cool car! Still would rather see it in a restored green paint job.?

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