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We got invited to check out Jay Leno’s new cleaning product line and garage!
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ModestConfidence says:

He said "Haggard" heh

Jetdot37 says:

You guys seem super chill.

Damian De says:

How the hell do you get invited to Jay Leno's garage for a 'private tour'? Are you friends with some billionaire from the Silicon Valley or something?

Paul Fullerton says:

Your like 2 kids in a Candy store. Best day ever a.

Yakslaks says:

how can you not know about the Shogun? did you even realize that Rick Pewe there?

Not Sure says:

that shogun is a fast ass car its got an SHO turbo 6cylinder

Not Sure says:

that shogun is a fast ass car its got an SHO turbo 6cylinder

Edward Allen says:

I guess you gotta license and register a car in California.

Johnson Sy says:

Ford shogun is Kia pride in asia

justin podolan says:

Mr. Leno were are the cast control arms that your Ford GT came with. I know they were replaced.

dookieday1 says:

How about a tour of Jays wardrobe.

Ken Creten says:

Cool! Looking forward to the collaboration! Subscribed.

Billy Kittner says:

SaWeet! ..yeah thats an excited SWEET!!

tinydancer2607 says:

An Asian guy going, "Shogun? Is that like a Japanese word…?" ???

brian5o says:

That's a dream trip right there. Congrats!

Conner Arkell says:

lol did anyone else see Rick Pewe?

Deftones Dsm says:


Adam Kadmon says:

Good job guys.
I hope you do well with the contract!


leloodallasmultipass says:

9:31 careful with that hood, Parker.

Jim Roveto says:

Jay, coming from a car lovin guy like me, you have got to be the luckiest guy on the planet.

Dat Tepo says:

congrats dude

Epic Epiphany says:

Thats Jay blowin off some STEAM! One of my fav:^) Damn you are lucky guys. BUCKET LIST want to..

Neo Smith says:

I bet the CA DMV loves Leno.

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