Morgan Aero Super Sport

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In this classic episode of Jay Leno’s Garage Charles Morgan, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, stops by the garage to show Jay the Morgan Aero Super Sport.


unclerusty2 says:

"As long as there's an England, there'll always be a Morgan" .. so about another generation or so?

bluecitybluetube says:

Jay…I am curious to know how you have to do Automotive Insurance with all the different cars you drive?

Alex Napier says:

I will neve be able to unsee the Mini Cooper head lights lol. Beautiful car though. Everytime i would look at it though I'd think mini cooper.

WhizYT says:

That Z-type tho

shadinasr77 says:

This is one beautiful car.

Simeon Bystrzanowski says:

I did work experience at Morgan, amazing company to work for

Allen Saunders says:

surprised its as old as it is episode wise. Still morgan has done a good job updating themselves for the future.

Anthony Zarlenga says:

I like it lots. my kinda a car.

Walter Hubicki says:

Love the retro intro. Was this old? the Aero has been out for a while and this is a prototype?

noisynobody says:

I never noticed the Mini headlights till now! There's probably more parts in it from the BMW spares bin we don't know about. Still a beautiful car though. I like how they're fully customizable from the factory, they can even spray it in bespoke colours.

Gearjammer says:

Ariel are now a British car maker.

Jason Carpp says:

I'm glad to see some English cars still produced in England. Like many people, I've heard of the Morgan car, and I may have seen one or two in my lifetime. Is Morgan still producing cars in England as of this video? I would certainly hope so. It'd give England's labourers something to do. :)

derjoh1986 says:

Very nice!!

gareth hynds says:

love this car

T.R. Freeman says:


ps3dubbs says:

Always loved Morgan's – reminds me of old Bugattis / jag's but with a modern touch.

dootu says:

Video length is pretty much perfect.

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