My Classic Car Season 16 Episode 8 – 70’s Muscle Cars

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On this episode of My Classic Car, Dennis heads to Ferdinand, IN to check out some 70’s muscle cars. Plus, he’ll take a look at automotive carpet.

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themopar426 says:

im a mopar guy but both cars are hot!?

TribalRacing30 says:

tht Road Runner 0 _ 0

AlabamaInAsia says:

22 minute show……12 minutes of built in commercials. No wonder people
didn’t watch it on TV.

yardsausage says:

i want to shave off half of dennis guage’s mustasche just to spite his
face….he really annoys me sometimes..

Jordan Turner says:

That judge though

spr721gr says:

very nice show….!!!!!…thanks…!!!!!

Marto Rambo says:

don’t like the show then don’t whatch it why come here with a negative
attitude. sick of people that carry on like you total wankers.

Bowaled says:

yep yep yep yep yep yep yep !!!!

Trowa Barton Ferguson says:

que digo el me gusta a veces necesita youtube la opción me encanta en un
vídeo como este?

matrox says:

Love those golden oldies.?

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