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On this episode of My Classic Car, we’ll make our way to North Dakota for a look at a couple Chip Foose designed customs. We’re talkin’ The Grand Master and the Cool Air. And they’re [More]
Look at what we found on the way to the sailboat. – Classic cars sales video, shows classic trucks, antiques, muscle cars & More. Buy & Sell Classic Cars at
( ) Not all movie cars are what they seem. Take for instance the famous General Lee from the the well know TV series and movie…The Dukes of Hazard. There were are hundreds, if [More]
Look my video is a very good video for amators of muscle cars at the end you will look the name of the song in my video GOOD WATCHING!!:):):D:D
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( ) What are the coolest classic cars of all time? This is a question that car lovers could spend years discussing. In this first part of the TFLcar continuing series we take a [More]
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