Restoration Blog: November 2016 – Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay gives an update on some of the restorations going on in the garage.
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno’s Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.

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Restoration Blog: November 2016 – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


chicagowsox212 says:

Jay needs to bring that Skinned Knuckles guy back on. Neil. That guy is smart AAAAAND HILARIOUS?

Daniel Paine says:

Sometimes in these restoration blogs, Jay mentions that they made new windshields and windows for the cars. Can you do a video on making windows??

kerryrwac says:

These are your best videos.I particularly like how you bring out and engage the hands on guys , showcasing their abilities . Their pride in their work shines through and their appreciation for the opportunity to build their dream cars . Hell even the Pepsi guy works for you now and Pepsi pays well lol .?

fla playa says:

Wow, back when they forged an axle from a single piece of steel.. Welding a forging is never a good idea but it looks like she'll hold.. Gold plated cylinders? Bling bling. You're missing out meeting my dad Jay. 621 Packard, Sunbeam Motorcycle, 3 Hisso's and much more at his shop in East TN… Wow your upholstery shop is bar none. Merlin car stole the show.?

Billy H. says:

This man should have run for president?

Alex Paulsen says:

Jay Leno for president??

Speed Racer says:

Those were all very nice cars. My favorite was the 1966 rear wheel drive. I always enjoy watching Jay Leno videos, he really not only knows cars, but knows how to talk to people about cars. That's something hard to find. Thank you for making the video. – Mike Davis?

cheesewagon85 says:

glad to see so much progress on the Cunningham! no update on the AMC Metropolitan??

Velocity Labs says:

I love these, do more of them!?

dave houston says:

pretty cool seeing that?

Jessie Hensley says:

That Lotus looks amazing!?

xosfear says:

More of these would be fantastic!!?

andre reed says:

Love tht Cortina ! Jays a cool guy for letting him do it there. Im quite sure he wouldnt hv it any other way !?

Jon Smith says:

Can we see the 1966 Toranado on the road? Love the show what a team you must have!?

D Gordon says:

Throwing a big vote behind the Cortina – really cool to see how that is coming. Also, no better shade of green than Lotus green. :-) Ace to see Jim thank Jay for the support with it. Jay, throwing in some thoughts – Be nice to showcase TR series and Healey's too. Some other ideas on recommended tools for the backyard mechanic. Lastly, be really keen to see episodes devoted to your team = how they got the skills and became the craftsmen they are. Also more Corvairs are cool too. Just love the channel – thank you.?

Doderio Larkisso says:

Wow, Jay wearing something other than his work boots? Well color me surprised?

Edward Johnson says:

I have some good photos of a car with the same rolls Royce Merlin engine in. Taken here in England this summer. The guy who built it took 26 years to finish it?

Greavous Skoger says:

Thanks Jay!?

wayne peters says:

that isn't an axle, it's a cross member?

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