REVISITED Tennessee Classic Car Junkyard – Wrecked Vintage Muscle Cars

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Back in the summer of 2013, we visited a classic car junkyard buried in the hills of Tennessee. At the time, It was incredibly overgrown with thick vegetation. We decided to return in the spring of 2016. To our surprise the yard had been mowed and brush cleared. And this is what we uncovered.


Fleck Smugbrother says:

No restoration projects here, keep moving people. So sad to see so many classics wasting away……

Daniel Cardona says:

I plan to one day go to a junk yard and look around. maybe see parts I like.

?????? ????? ?/ ?????? says:

The cars I found in my woods have all the windows and mirrors smashed out. Whoever owned the property near those woods must of done it and it makes me mad documenting the cars for my YouTube channel.

Mr Frog says:

Retarded hillbillies would rather see these cars rot than let them get restored.

bill shrader says:

i just know why you would want to share the cool stuff you had wow

bill shrader says:

i want to know why some one would just let it rot into the ground instead of sharing all those great cars wow what a waste to let them rot into the groun

Epic Epiphany says:

I like the old wagons, thanks for sharing.

daniel rivera says:

this car same yr was done on the kindig it desing and it came out gorgeous beautiful car

I Rule The World says:

The 1958 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon at 3:243:54 would make a great restoration project. Anyone know of any of these junkyards located near Delaware???

Chris Yarber says:

Where's this at ? I live in Tn

Rarecat says:

1970's Honda Civic 2 Door hatchback @12:15minutes. Great car that Honda. great car.

Gordon Music says:

nomad heaven

john b says:

that was just amazing pleasant to watch. nice job

Wristband Connection says:

Looks like the worst case of hoarding we have ever seen.

James Rajnka says:

I would hate to see al those vehicles become some new crappy foreign shit!!!

rweghg3 says:

I'd say close to Whitwell TN.. Looks like one of those overgrown junkyards out in that area.. I live just outside Chattanooga TN.. And that also looks like part of the Cumberland Plateau in the background ( Not the Great Smokey Mountains ) There is a difference

Charles Kerr says:

classics live forever

Holger Wittmann says:

This Belvedere Shifter is nice!

Rebecca Abbott says:

You could try and not be a fuckwad and actually reply to some people. Pretty obvious to me that you could give a shit less about your subscribers. Secondly, why not give the location of this place if it a known yard and not someone's stash of dead metal? Makes no fucking sense.

DannytheDeereNut says:

ahh what you can find in the rolling hills/mountains of Tennessee

Danny F. says:

Back when they made real cars

57Banjoman says:

Some of these are painful-OUCH! Nice music though!

Jakub W says:

Can you say the location? PLS

Anthony Lamancusa says:

1:26 I'm really untested in that Pontiac how much is it?

redradiodog says:

It would be great if all old cars could be stored inside and up off the ground.

Mark Daily says:

info on the Pontiac coupe with visor please.

tommyboat64 says:

Eastern and South Eastern junkyards are not the place to look for good vehicles.. A lot of Florida junkyards have northern cars that were driven south, then used and died, and end up at the pick and pull. SouthWest – Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma are less likely to have the rusted out northern cars.

Jayke Hawkins says:

Where is this located? I live in east TN.

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