Top 10 Cool Camping Cars and Trucks For Those Who Hate RVs

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( ) Top 10 Cool Camping Cars and Trucks For Those Who Hate RVs but Love Car Camping

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Ethan Redden says:

Dodge Journey with only 2 rows or good because it has under floor storage and also it is awd or fwd

Okie Rider says:

First, you guys forgot about the Pontiac Aztek. What about any cargo vans like the Ford E250 or Chevy Express?

Robin Hood says:


ibrahim says:

Juke really!! Land cruiser 70 series is the best all time

Shehan De Silva says:

Expected this to be more of a review of interesting non-RV camper options…like the various Sprinter conversions, Chinook Bayside, etc. THAT would be really cool to see given all the options available with those vehicles making them true pre-built adventure/travel vehicles.

Luke Cates says:

Earthroamer all day would be my choice

Jacob Ivy says:

On a serious note, it's near impossible to beat the Toyota Tacoma and/or 4Runner when it comes to camping and overlanding. That's one of the reasons I bought a Tacoma. A LOT of hardcore adventures teams use them.

Igor Castro says:

I agree with Earthroammer as number one, but how not to talk about Leisure Travel Vans!?

PauliR1159 says:

crosstour AWD…too bad it's not made anymore.

Scott says:

Officially the worst camper car list ever…

Matt ra says:

Clickbait and no trucks on the list

Tyler Jensen says:

Instead of the Range Rover, get a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee. All the same luxury, better offroad, and half the cost when it's fully loaded

Alilretard1 says:

Top 10 reasons this video is shit. See 0:00 thru 13:58.

Dusty Rusty says:

My vote for inclusion on this Top Ten list would be the 2017 Bentayga with the off-roading option. Excellent vehicle for glamping.

Are you Serious says:

Where are you guys going camping? "Rest Stops"?

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