Top 10 Muscle Cars of The ‘60s and ‘70s

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This video features Top 10 Muscle Cars of The ‘60s and ‘70s by 10 automotive brands. If you like good old American Muscle Cars of The ‘60s and ‘70s watch this video.

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Eat My Dust says:

Why is there American cars in EU? Oh wait, because the U.S makes real cars!

Kman says:

Pantera = Out of place in this video.  I wouldn't label the video "Top 10", but sure…great rides for sure!

stromgamer Romero Gomez says:

I'm the 1000 like xd who cares

Jack Hammer says:

Redline tires and hub caps on the GTO are hideous!

Jack Hammer says:

Could the wheels be any worse on the Mustang Cobra Jet?

JacquesBeard says:

Black chevelle my favourite as for Mustangs they don't do anything for me, ugly and not badass.

ma. beatriz chavez alvarez says:

my love charger

Umar Farooq says:

dodge charger is my favorite car

National Dispatch LLC says:

Very nice compilation!! :)

Jimmy Hopkins says:

Yo pass us the keys and let us drive the baby

???? ????? says:

??????? ??? ????? ??? ???????????? ????????

Angela Blanco says:

Where's the Nova?

SER Andrew says:

You should do one for the 80's and 90's just for a hilarious comparison.

Alejandra Zamora says:

What year was that chevelle

Lester says:

why i don't see the dodge challenger ?

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