Top 5 Reasons why you should daily a CLASSIC CAR

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Top 5 Reasons why you should daily a CLASSIC CAR. Driving a Classic Car may seem to most like an expensive hobby, but in this video I will show you 5 good reasons why YOU can do it and why you SHOULD.

In video reviews of new cars they always look shiny and perfect, but how do they fare with daily use? Daily Driver Reviews is a show about the true test for automobiles: everyday use!


Check out bl’art! 😀
Show some love for Clássicos Clube d’Avintes:

Reviews I made for Classic Cars:
Toyota Starlet 60 Series:
Toyota Corolla GT Twin Cam AE 86:

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jose navarro says:

That's right I just drove my 80 camaro bumble bee and every one compliments and take pictures of bee

Zicrax ™ says:

Well, that was biased.

A. D. H. says:

I hope my first car will be a 1967 Chevrolet Corvair, but I doubt that my parents will allow me to buy a car over 15 years old.

acchaladka says:

One thing you maybe missed: those shoes at 4:00 are the appropriate shoes when you drive a clean classic. Nice job!

Real life Terminator says:

1963 cadillac deville is my first car idk of parts are going to be a issue once I need it

Tyler Sanders says:

They're not as safe, need constant repairs, and are pretty likely to leave you on the side of the road. That's the opposite of a daily driver requirements.

Matias Fernandes says:

My mother owned a Toyota Starlet (1982, 60 series) in the lates 80s, it was the car I learn how to drive.
Im still looking to buy one, some day I will find a nice one and deffinetely, buy it!!!!!

Corvette Guy says:

LAPD caprice classic 1991-1996 or chp

Unnamed Slav says:

I daily drive my 1985 El Camino, even in New York's harsh winters. Almost to 200k!

PowderedPlatypusMilk says:

Great video! I'm currently getting a 1972 Ford Capri MK 1 as my first car. In South Africa, a special V8 model was sold, go big or go home right?

pony cannon says:

While watching this video , I've asked a few people what they thought about me buying a classic car , they all told me not to it'll be expensive and that it'll be a bad idea
I've also read a few articles about owning a classic and they all say it's a bad idea …
It's just my dream to own this certain car I want and I'm honestly willing to work my ass off to buy it

Rodolfo Teixeira says:

Wanna be cool? Drive old school

Tomas Cage says:

yeah no not going to daily my 1988 E28 M5 not in Canada anyways where winters are full of salt. summer daily sure.

Theo Mwithi says:

17 years old with a 1971 Eldorado, compliments everywhere

Trez Spre says:

we have a old car but there is nothing feeling like a sir in it… it gott a be a amerikan cadilac from 50-70 then u get respect if its clean

Ehh So says:

1962 VW bug will be my first car.

commando8088 says:

I got a 52 year old '64 Impala SS, 400 hp rebuilt engine with 220k+ miles. Parts are extremely common and cheap, it's easy to fix, even though I've owned it for years and never broke down for more than 5 minutes. I can't pump gas without compliments, stares, handshakes, and offers to buy it. I love it, girls love, and guys love to talk about it. Oh, and did I mention it doesn't sound like a vacuum cleaner? Love the sound of a chevy smallblock coming out of straight pipes!

Von Huxley says:

You missed the fact that they're built to last! No excessive plastic parts. Fewer buttons. Hand crank windows. Comfortable seats!

Pedro Amado says:

The problem with these cars is usually fuel consumption, for example a classic starlet or corolla (ke20) will do around 9-10 l/100km

Funk Era says:

Looking forward to be an owner of a 1968 Pontiac LeMans GTO. Good vid man, cheers!!

First Name says:

old cars are not safe in a crash. women will think your a loser. people will think your a geek

Kalle Hiltunen says:

1:15 to 1:26 was music to my ears

Francisco Guedes says:

estou a pensar arranjar um classico não muito caro, mas esta difícil encontrar o certo, tenho visto uns alfa romeos da década de 70 mas são bem puxadinhos
belo trabalho, parabens

Josh Struck says:

is my 91 Chevy a classic yet?

KB Mastery says:

yes! better than the newer shit nowadays, the stuff is dangerous

C4r4lhi7o says:

I bet you are Portuguese..

Halfboss64 says:

I hate it when people call 1999 bmws classics

Alex Taylor says:

Just don't crash

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