Vee Two Ducati IMOLA EVO

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Brook Henry and Andrew Cathcart of Vee Two Austrailia stop by the garage to show Jay their 1981 900SS that features their Vee Two Ritorno Twin engine that has an air-cooled SOHC desmodromic 90-degree V-twin four-stroke with two valves per cylinder and bevel-gear camshaft drive.


Rob Greene says:

Beautiful…..Heya Jay, you should've ended the video by cutting them a Cheque right on the spot: "In fact i LOVE this bike so much, I'm keeping it ! Name your price…"

Mike W says:

I want one one. Which kidney would you take, right or left?

Brayden The SP3D says:

Two 1199's or this…

I'll take the 1199's

Tardisius says:

Molto Bene =)

Apple_Marty Czech says:

Jawa V4, that would be for you.

Great Par says:

I owned a Ducati 900 Darmah. What a fun bike to ride on the highway. Like a train on rails. Not very good on sharp twisting roads. Later had the engine updated with racing cams and pistons. Memories

slaWterCH says:

Amazing sound indeed!

Da Ca says:

It Whistles like my husaberg. I like these cafe racer looking bikes I need one.

herbert92x says:

Nice bike. If all the cars out there were not trying to kill me, I might give it a try.

Chris chris says:

looks and sound awesome great video jay

Luminda Gunawardena says:

Jays reaction says it all. This could possibly be his favorite bike on the show so far!

John Greenwood says:

As an ex Ducati owner I drooled all the way through. Love this era of design.

jacktheripped says:

Crosley also had a 4 cylinder that had a Bevel Gear Drive cam. That motor was a little jewel  :)

Rudi Zupan says:

A beautiful beautiful bike. A classic look with a classic engine. Beautiful

Paul Judd says:

I want one. That exhaust note.

Do R/C! says:

they make a beautiful bike but I don't think that seat needs to be quite that racer authentic:)

MrGrentch says:

I'm not a bike guy. Tried a friend's one was I was a teenager and after 100 yards I discovered fear produced an extreme laxative effect in me. #utterwimp. 😀 But I do love the look of them and all they represent. Mobile naked engineering with added noise. If I was to have one it would be like this, not one of modern design. Lovely bit of kit and good to see a small talented outfit making things like this.

Do R/C! says:

good video but the bevel drive of the cam doesn't have anything to do with how fast the valve closes. It actually doesn't float because there is a rocker to both open and close the valves so they don't rely on spring pressure.

boxz1984 says:

i want one,can't afford :( :( :(

Lane Howard says:

Wow very nice I enjoyed seeing this very cool

Buddy Martin says:

What an amazing sounding bike, heck I want a recording of it… sounds great.


It's not actually the bevel gear drive that does the desmodronic valve control it just drives it. Modern Desmos have belt drives. Thanks for showing the Vee Two Ducati a masterpiece!

Prentiss Powell says:

$59,000 is quite reasonable if you are Jay Leno……..When I win the lottery, I will buy two……hahahaha!!!!!

Ed Waggoner Sr. says:

I really like it when Jay shows off builds by small dedicated shops.  I hope it give them a boost in sales. Cheers.

Sidewinder365 says:

"The Harley that went to college"
LOL Jay!

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